Monday, 24 September 2012

Not my strong point...

Patient is something I have never claimed to be! How can you be ok about waiting for something? I have never got my head round that one!

The last fortnight has been filled waiting, what with the house move and my interview but we have all survived...just!! Mr W has gone back to work, following 9 days of packing/unpacking, I think for a well earned rest and I am enjoying my first day in the house with no real work to do!!! I need distraction though, I have I mentioned I'm not very patient?

The weekend was a lovely distraction, lazy breakfast, shopping, new M&S, slightly disappointing as no lighting or technology, Costco, my virgin trip, some amazing bargains and some very tasty BBQ sauce!! The evening involved our celebratory meal of choice, Curry, sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream washed down with Mo√ęt (bucks fizz for the children) My weight watcher leader would have been so proud ;(((

Sunday brought rugby training, had forgotten how damp creeps up your legs (mental note to self to wear more suitable footwear). For lunch we were joined by L and E, proper family time, great meal, cooked by Mr W so tasted even better! Cheesecake for dessert promptly followed by a dog walk to create room for some real cheese, yummy selection courtesy of Costco again! The homework challenge had been overcome in the morning which meant that Sunday evening was battle free, yippee!

My brother popped in with his brood, they came in the new van, serious business now, if you ever need an appliance fixing he's your man, very well done for setting up and building a good business in less than a year, we are all very proud!!

After supper, bagels and hot chocolate with the works, we could just relax, something we have not done enough of in the last few weeks, and enjoy having the room to spread out, brilliant!!

So now it's back to waiting, waiting at the moment for a plumber as we have one heated floor tile but no working radiator in our bathroom (the floor tile is a byproduct we think), for the rain to ease off just a little so I can take the dogs out and for a phone call to say how my interview went, (not the best I think the more time goes on) which isn't going to come until later in the week!!

I do NOT like waiting!!

L x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Disappearing Act!!!

Hellooooo!! I have not dropped of the face of the planet! Life is just totally getting in the way of my ability to Blog :(((

Exciting stuff that has prevented it, in case you missed it WE HAVE MOVED!!! Finally!! (deep sigh of relief by mine and Mr W's work colleagues...think we became complete bores towards the end) the house is amazing, so much space and incredibly we are nearly straight, and we only moved in on Friday. Mr W has worked like a Trojan (machine) and was totally on a mission!!

Down side, I worked the night we moved and the night after, one off and then back in for two more nights, that accounts for my extreme exhaustion and lack of writing ability!! I am in tonight on, so far 3 hours sleep, too much on my mind to sleep, well that and the deafening sound of the new doorbell that I couldn't place and then missed a delivery (new sheets for the super king bed that arrives on Friday..hooray)

Lack of Internet, I am writing this on my iPhone, very tricky indeed! We do have a Dongle in the house but I have no idea what to do with it (should have taken Mr W up on the teaching session offer) so this entry will be short and sweet!!

I am looking forward to having Saturday and Sunday off with all my family home, we are planning to relax together although we have said we would like to go to Costco, the new M & S that has opened near us, John Lewis (second favourite shop on the planet) and Homebird, new discovery in nearby town that knocked JL off the top spot!!! So not quite sure when we are going to relax but will be great to spend some time together and get lots of lovely 'stuff' for our new home!!

The champagne is on ice for Saturday night, Buck's Fizz for K and H our favourite curry as meal of choice for our own little, family house-warming!! I cannot wait :)))

Be back soon

L x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Happiness is...wearing a bucket on your head!!

This could be me, many years ago I sat, with my oldest, and I'm glad to say, still one of my best friends (LLJ) and we had our photo taken, we could have been these two children!! I still have the proof too!!

This picture speaks volumes about the wonderful, simple, acceptance children have of each other!! True friendship can last a lifetime.

This is my happiness picture! I can recall it at any time and it will allow my shoulders drop, a deep sigh escape from within and a broad smile lightens my face!!

Happiness is what we all strive for, for ourselves, our families and friends, so when did it become more complicated than sitting in the buff, feet dangling in the water with a bucket on your head?

Do you have a 'Happiness' picture?

Please share them or feel free to borrow mine :D


Thursday, 6 September 2012

A piece of me!

To some of my readers you already know most (all) of this but for those of you who don't welcome to my life!

I am 38, the big 40 looming, but I'm quite looking forward to it, the real freedom that comes with age and not really caring what people think! I have spent a lot of my life trying to please others and now it's time to please myself.

I am married (2nd time...finally came to my senses) after a whirlwind romance, to the most lovely man, my true soul mate and he is a Fireman to boot (we are living the Ann Summers dream, what with me being a nurse!!) I don't think a day has gone by since we met that I haven't laughed and the support he has shown me is amazing. I thank my lucky stars I agreed to go on that Blind Date! I love Lattes with friends, or alone if no-one is available and chocolate, any kind, I really don't care and I work on a children's intensive care unit, apart from my family these are the most consistent aspects of my life, hence the blog title.

We have his and hers children but refer to them as ours. L is 22, she is so like her Dad it's frightening, she is a lovely young woman whom I pester on a regular basis to make me a Grandma. She is crafty, thoughtful and a pleasure to be around. E is 16, has just got her GCSE's, did really well and we are very proud of her. She is looking for a job which is tough in this current climate but she is trying her hardest and would be an asset to anyone who employs her. Her laugh measures somewhere, quite high up, on the Richter scale and her greatest love is Disney Movies, especially Toy Story. K is 12, second year at high and rapidly developing her own, quite loud personality according to her friends, no idea where she gets that from ;)) She is tall, very tall and is, thankfully, becoming the young woman I hoped she would, has a love of chocolate (guilty of that one too) and is obsessed with FRIENDS. H is 10, the baby, and the only boy (mothered by all except K) and you have heard all about him in a previous blog, Live life as a dog.

Speaking of which we also have N and J, our dogs! Complete mentalists, dirt magnets, partners in howling whenever we approach their favourite dog walk, how do they know?

Now you know a little more about me I hope that encourages you to continue reading


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to work blues???

I love my job! I know not everyone can say that so I feel quite privileged to enjoy what I do! I am also in the very lucky position to have blagged a term-time(ish) contract at work, which basically means I get the whole summer holidays off, bliss!! (Not Christmas though hence the 'ish') The downside is, of course, that is an absolute killer getting up for that first shift, at 5:50 and knowing you won't be home until 9pm.

I have to say that, sadly, I was looking forward to going back! I can feel the wave of shock from my friends on PICU, but I do genuinely love what I do. I like my colleagues, I like the nature of the work, I like the fact that I work nearly full time (34.5 hours) but only have to go in 3 times a week, despite all the bad press I earn a reasonable sum of money (never enough though, wouldn't object to a pay rise) and my job presents me with, on the whole, a different day, every day.

I never thought I would get the opportunity to go back to my chosen profession and I count my blessings that Mr W was incredibly supportive when I said I wanted to return to nursing following a 5 year break, although I do think the idea of a uniform in the house played a factor in his excitement! It wasn't easy though, working full-time, clinical placement, 80 hours, and a 4500 word assignment that demonstrated my understanding of how nursing practice had altered in my absence!!

I have to say it was so worth it, despite the shouting, door-slamming and sobbing (pattern forming - see Avoidance Tactics Blog) mostly on my part, again! Since I have gone back I have had the odd wobble, working nights after doing an 830 - 330 job took a bit of getting used to but with the support of my family, friends and the new friends I have made at work, I am through it, out the other side and smiling! I had a lovely conversation with a younger friend at work yesterday and I found her attitude totally refreshing, and I know you will read this R!! She too, loves her job and I admire her for saying it in the current climate!!

So, was it a case of back to work blues? Not at all, I had a great shift with some of the loveliest people and am looking forward to going back in on friday night!! We spend too much of our time in work to not enjoy it!! Love what you do or do something else


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Psychic Hen Night

Last night I had a new experience! The hen night part wasn't it!

 I went to my friends house, beautifully decorated by the way H, to help celebrate her sister's forthcoming nuptials! A, you looked amazing, the glowing bride-to-be! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able go to due to the impending house move (please refer to previous blog). H and A had organised for a medium to come to the party and do readings for anyone who wanted one. I must admit I was a little sceptical and nervous just being there.

I have, occasionally, felt the urge to visit a medium, at times in my life when I needed reassurance and hope. I am, fortunately, no longer in a position that I need this as have, very happily, remarried, returned to the profession I love and my life it, to all intents and purposes, pretty perfect!

However, curiosity got the cat, this woman had been brought to me, on a plate, it would be careless of me not to seize this opportunity, wouldn't it?

I think I got the best deal! C had 'prepared' a reading for the first 12 people she knew she was seeing, I was 13, unlucky for some, not this time, she was not prepared for me! Don't get me wrong, some of what she said was possibly slightly generic but I could not explain away all I what she said, especially when we had just discussed Mr W and she 'received' his first name...I jumped in my chair, properly!!!

I had a fantastic night, loved the medium and the fact that she could only see positive aspects to my life and did reassure me that I am on the right path!!

L x