Saturday, 17 August 2013

Running to 40...

Today saw the real start of my 'Running to 40' challenge, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, are friends on Facebook or have read my blog before I hope you know what I am talking about!

My 'Running to 40' challenge is my midlife crisis in slightly different wrapping! It is a series of activities on the lead up to my birthday and beyond and will probably continue until I come to my senses! My intention is to raise money for, and awareness of, The Joshua Tree.

So, the beginning, I signed up for the national event that is 'Park Run', my local one is held in Delamere Forest, the most beautiful of settings. These 'runs' go on all over the country, at various parks, at 9am every Saturday. They are incredibly well organises, by an army of volunteers, and provide the opportunity for a timed 5k race. Later on the same day you receive an email informing you of your time and on the website,, there is a results table.  My aim today was to a) get round the whole course b) not to fall over (tree roots and mud are very hazardous and plentiful at Delamere and c) not to be last!! I am very pleased to report that I fulfilled my aims...all of them!! My time, 35 minutes 43 seconds, was not outstanding but I now have a benchmark which I aim to improve on week-on-week and I was 148/154 but that is still an achievement I am proud of!! 

In celebration of this achievement I then went clothes shopping, no longer am I browsing around shopping centres looking at clothes for going out/staying in/study days/meeting friends, no I went to a well known sports outlet to purchase some new running gear...and purchase I did!! Two pairs of Capri length shorts, two tops and a wind/weatherproof jacket later we left, not too light of pocket as the store is very reasonably priced  and without a compromise on girliness!! I also bought an exercise mat, which leads me to...

Tomorrow!! Tomorrow sees the start of my Major Series training!! I will keep you posted...


For anyone interested my fundraising page can be found at

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Slow progress...for the fruit loop!!

Our summer holidays have not turned out quite how we expected (see Accidents will happen) but they have given us, well me, K and H, an opportunity to kickback and do very little!! Well, except the fact that I keep planning...everything, so far I'm up to 2015, holidays, races, anything that could possibly be planned!!

First things first, H is doing very well, movement nearly back to normal, he wanted to go out on his bike yesterday, only thwarted by the fact that he had a flat tyre...I must admit, I did breathe a little sigh of relief, he might be ready but I'm not sure I am.

K, unfortunately, is still fighting a "virus" which is making her thoroughly miserable, although still manage to shop effectively on Monday!!

My 'progress' is, disappointingly, very slow!! Unfortunately, as Mr W consistently points out, patience is not one of my virtues...once I've set my heart on something I'd quite like it to happen, right away, we all have our faults!!

The area in which I'm struggling is running *coughs quietly - I think it's more of a gentle jog! I need to get back to work to stop myself signing up for races...slight change of tactic due to the fact that the more people I speak/tweet/Facebook with the more plans I make. I have now committed to do The Tatton Yule Yomp (December oddly enough) swiftly followed by The Island Race - Angelsey's scenic/undulating) Half Marathon on my 40th Birthday, the actual day... I know, positively certifiable!! I have also purchased, with K, our Race for Life Early bird Voucher for 2014, hopefully to do the new Pretty Muddy Race with AW and MW!! I have pre-registered for Mudderalla (the girlie version of Tough Mudder) and also Tough Mudder, challenges both!! The biggest positive is that I plan on doing all this nuttiness for charity, with exception of R4L, I shall be participating for The Joshua Tree/ @joshuatreekids, hopefully helping them to achieve their ambitions. I am actively as a volunteer for this charity, please take a look at their's amazing! 

This all serves to confirm the midlife crisis theory I think, and in discussion with Mumsontherunuk and on Twitter, I find it a little reassuring that I'm not the only one!!

On the up side, I'm the fittest, strongest, healthiest and most positive I think I've ever been, so it's win - win for the fruit loop!! 


Friday, 2 August 2013

Accidents will happen!!

Hmmmm! Sadly not quite the summer holidays we had planned this year!!

At 7ish o'clock on Saturday 20th July I received the worst phone call I've ever had. K, now 13, frantically informing me that H had had an accident! My freshly poured Pimms was quickly abandoned...all I knew was that he had a big cut after falling off his bike, there was lots of blood and that my Ex had called an ambulance and that she was obviously very distressed by it all!!

There are many times that I have cursed that my ex and I only live in the next village to each other but that night I was truly grateful, the fact that they were on they're way to the pub we were in made it even better!!

The time it took to get to H's side felt like an eternity, a lot of what happened is still hazy but I could not of imagined the feelings that go through your head whilst waiting for the Paramedics to arrive...hurry the f*** up being top of the list!!

To cut a long story short H is one very lucky boy, after 2.5 hours surgery he was back on the ward, having, amazingly, done no lasting damage (his wound missed all manner of things that would have been life changing)!!

After an eventful week in hospital, severe drug reaction included, we came home, just the car journey wore him out and he still had to face the stairs!! 

The whole experience has been a massive lesson to me and my family! Mr W was an absolute rock, he was everything I needed him to be, strong, sensitive and organised enough to take over the things that were beyond my control-freakish ways whilst confined to a cubicle!! (He even gave the ex a lift home after H was out of surgery...). K very quickly accepted that she would not be going away, and without any drama, changed her countdown on her iPhone to Lanzarote in October! She mother-hens H in my absence, confirming that she does really care about him and has actually been remarkably pleasant through the whole thing! H, being forced to abandon his dog-like approach to life (see previous blog) was a star in hospital and although quite obviously bored and frustrated by everything remains up beat and cheerful (until the end of the day when it all becomes too much for him). I have learnt that I do NOT like being the other side of the hospital bed, that life is incredibly precious, that I need to work out how to move forward now, flashbacks and what-ifs still haunt me, that its true what they say about finding out who your real friends are in times of crisis and that the ordeal has strengthened my love for my children and husband!!

Each day sees H a little stronger and we are hoping he will be right as rain to start high school in September!!