Friday, 31 August 2012

Live life as a dog!!!

I read somewhere recently that we all have a lot to learn from a dogs approach to life, they greet every day as if it it were  'the best day ever'! Being the owner of 2 of the species, (one springer, one cocker)I can totally agree, and it also leads me to believe that my 10 year old son is, in fact, a dog!!!

What leads me to this conclusion? Well, where do I start? H is an early bird, we have him well trained now and he gets up, goes downstairs, let's the dogs out and, the majority of the time, leaves us be until we arise. This, I hear you say, does not make him a dog, and I agree! The fact that when we do drag ourselves out of our pit we are greeted by a torrent of questions ranging from 'What are we doing today? After breakfast? After dinner? After tea? Are we doing anything after tea? Can I go out on my bike? (not a 7o'clock in the morning, H, no), I found this on the Internet, can I get one? I've decided I'd like to play the drums/guitar/trombone can I have lessons? How do you become a professional rugby player? If I am a paramedic when I'm older can I be a motorbike one?

Can I just get a cup of tea first? Please?

What I have failed to mention is that H has a history of hearing problems, this means that all of the above questions are usually said, sorry shouted, loud enough to compete with the fact that we live on a flight path to Manchester airport!

The 'dog' element to H's personality is a) the velocity at which he meets each day, so much to do, so little time b) the fact that not only does he run, everywhere, he cannot sit still either and c) the fact that his questions, that constantly pepper our day, come at you like dogs of a lead, full throttle and moving swiftly from one to the next, at least he refrains from peeing everywhere!!

Having said all this I obviously love the bones of this child and would not have him any other way (well maybe slightly quieter) and think I should probably take a leaf out of his book and greet each day slightly more enthusiastically rather than focusing on the 'chores' ahead! He has his whole life in front of him and is just trying to make the most of it, and it's my job to cheer him on!!!

Love you son xxx

A Moving experience

When I was growing up I often wondered why we never moved house. My Mum and Dad had had their house built when they were married, extended as required and could afford to, so I put it down to sentimentality! What I should have realised was that they had their heads totally screwed on and the foresight to realise what a hideous process moving house actually was!!

The last time I moved I was doing it on my own, in the throes of divorce and to be perfectly honest, on reflection, the whole thing was a bit of a blur. I do remember tearful phone calls with the estate agent and begging the solicitor to hurry up to get me out but apart from that just fuzz, possibly due to the fact that my staple diet was White Zinfandel!

So, imagine my surprise when this house sale/ purchase, done with the support of the wonderful Mr W, becomes more stressful than my previous experience! The level of incompetence, the amount of misleading information given out and the total lack of a thorough approach to their practice begs me to ask the question, "what the hell are we paying for?".

I am not going to point the finger, if this blog ever gets read by the people concerned I hope their cheeks are burning with shame! I know for a fact that if I practiced, in my position, in the same way they do I would be sacked.

Needless to say I am NEVER moving again, I shall leave my house, when I eventually get there, in a wooden box. Mum and Dad, I bow to your infinite wisdom.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Disasterous Hair

I have had some hideous hairstyles in the past, some inflicted by my parents and some I have to take full responsibility for myself! Like the VERY curly perm with poker straight fringe (parents), the Princess Di look (only those of a certain generation will understand this - again parents)  or the Ready Brek orange glow look on my last year at high school photo (courtesy of Henna hair dye which both looked and smelt like a cowpat - unfortunately I did this too myself) and then there is today.

Today is a self inflicted day!!! I could cry, really I could, in fact I very nearly did, in front of my best friend, her three children and my two, after I'd looked in a mirror!

See, the advantage of being at a hairdressers, whether you like having to sit opposite yourself for an hour or so scrutinising all your flaws or not, is that you can observe what is happening to what, as a woman, is one of your defining features! I'm not sure if I would have liked to witness today's 'experiment'. Certainly not when my husband sees it and says "It's a bit short and you know what the eldest will say you look like" L, I know you will be reading and, though it pains me to say it, he is right!

My only comfort right now is a bottle of red, my favourite programme on TV tonight, it will take much less time to dry in the morning when I'm on a long day and the voice in my head that keeps reiterating "It will grow" Not quick enough for my liking :(((

Avoidance Tactics

I have long been a master in the art of avoidance, usually to my own detriment! It started at High school, the odd dodge of homework (until busted at a Parents Evening, that was a messy one, a 'discussion' with my Mum and Dad, mostly punctuated by raised voices, sobs and door slamming! Beginning to see where my daughter gets it from... Continued through university, I don't think that ink was still dry on 99% of my assignments. It remains one of my numerous flaws.
Things I am currently avoiding a) packing, not just for a holiday,(although I hate that with a passion too) no this is house packing, we are due to move next week and I just can't bring myself to do it. The biggest problem is I know what this will lead to, a frenetic episode of all aspects of our lives being shoved dramatically into boxes, raised voices, sobs and more door slamming, sounding familiar? b) a 10 minute presentation I need to do for a interview in just over 3 weeks and I really want the job! and c) labelling uniform in anticipation of the new school year (not necessary for my angst ridden 12 year old...not cool apparently).
My avoidance tactics have so far involved having my friends children over for the day yesterday, how much noise can five children make? (Plenty, just ask my neighbours!) how much water can come inside as the result of a water fight? (do the words reservoir and deluge conjure up an image?) Creating a blog, although I am hoping this venture will prove worth while and continue long after my interview and house move, and catching up on a lot of reading. All incredibly worthwhile uses of my time I think.
Plus I still have baking a cake for a friends birthday, shopping, long dog walks and catching up with friends, mine and the children's to distract me although I do think Mr W may have something to say about all this over the weekend....

Wish me luck ;)))

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

First night nerves

Well, here goes nothing!

Interesting choice of blog name? These three 'things' feature heavily in my life!

At 38 I am trying blogging to see how well I do, always believed the saying "there is a book inside everyone" and am hoping the act of blogging will lead me down this path. I am a wife, mother,  stepmother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, nurse and dog owner, I intend on using all of these titles to construct my blog.

I shall be back tomorrow ;))