Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Surprisingly good!

Being a nurse and having worked in a GP's surgery before I qualified I have certain expectations of Doctors but I certainly learned not to judge a book by its cover on my recent visit!

Half an hour late and you're already a little bit disgruntled, to be greeted by a doctor who was probably half my age, whose hair had not seen a brush in days and was sat chewing gum, and continued to do so throughout the whole it just me or is that a tad unprofessional?

Anyway, I had 2 points for discussion, one required further action on GPs side, a letter to a specialist which I'm not convinced she'll remember to do as she'd forgotten by the time she did a recap at the end! And then we moved on to the second point, and it was here that I was surprised!

I had discussed my issue with a colleague and had then, obviously, gleaned the internet for further
information and, as all good nurses do, had self-diagnosed, I wanted to see if she agreed! I reeled off my symptoms, to which she listened to, considered carefully and then offered her matched...hurrah! Maybe she was ok after all! After a brief discussion, 10 minutes is never enough is it?, she not only made me feel like I wasn't going mad but she actually offered me medications to try and help straight away...finally I was getting somewhere!

So, I'm 6 days into my new medicine, felt like rubbish up until this morning, burst into tears on a colleague on Sunday, slept most of Monday and am still in some pain but I'm feeling hopeful! Positive action is required so I'm off to my first yoga class today and have got a 1-2-1 session booked when I'm off in 2 weeks time...this could be the start of something wonderful

Hoping to be able to report brilliant things next week, until then...


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