Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy with Lumpy??

No, I am not talking about custard! When I joined weight watchers at the beginning of the summer holidays, in order to become stick-like for a Christmas do, this is how my friend described us! SN you know it was you and I didn't take offence.

I did really well initially, 6lbs in the first week. Then, having very nearly reached my target, I went back to work... and so began the downward spiral!! I am now very sad to report I am back at my pre-diet weight, the only pounds I have lost are the £££ I paid for the ritual weigh-in every Monday, and that the 'do' it was all in aid of is now less than two weeks away.Where did I go wrong? I am not entirely sure, although I think my love of food does not help my cause.

Don't get me wrong, I have been bigger, nearly two stone heavier when I got married (so he must really love me) and when I returned from the year-that-never-was at University I was even heavier than that, but I would love to be thinner, just a bit!!

My children, in the days when you couldn't shower alone, once gave me a brutal joint analysis on my body. Apparently my tummy wobbled when I moved (H), as did my bottom (K) and my arms when I clap * mental note to self to never applaud in public, and I was, at that time over a stone lighter than I am now!!

Now, I am very aware that I have a pre-teen girl in the house and I should be very careful about how I lose weight. Endless questions about the 'point' value of foods at meal times demonstrated that my dietary needs were influencing my whole family and that, I considered, was not healthy! We try teach our children about the important aspects of life and sometimes forget that,despite themselves, they do see us as role models and do not I want to encourage an obsessional attitude towards food and eating in them.

My friend,TL, has just started a diet and has lost a stone already, you can really tell as well. However, I do not think another slimming club is the answer for me though.

So, what is the answer? I have no idea!! I have weighed myself this morning and recorded it, as Mr W declared that the only person who can do it is me, (maybe he was not so happy with the chunky version), which is a start. I think I need to practise some self discipline and get more exercise or  just be happy with lumpy!!

All ideas gratefully received.

L x

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