Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Parents Evening

I am about to head off to H's parents evening appointment and the same sense of dread spreads over me that I used to get as a child, why is that?

My school days were fairly average, a B/C girl, a plodder, my Mum kindly called me, nothing remarkable, except the episode mentioned in a previous blog (Avoidance Tactics). I was in the top sets but usually at the bottom wishing I was top of the second set!! Sixth form was a similar experience, I think the most productive thing I achieved whilst there was a poem I wrote in my British History mock exam, on a tissue, that was later published, in a proper book (I still have it and went on to get another published too)

I think the dread comes of wanting more for my children, to achieve more  than I did, to have better prospects in this dog-eat-dog world, to shine amongst their peers and to be well liked all at the same time. Too much to ask? Probably but I think if most of us were honest that's the truth!

Don't get me wrong I am incredibly happy with my lot, as I have said before, I have an amazing family and circle of friends, I do the job I love and live a good life  so what do I want for my children? Do I want to be told they are exceeding all targets, excelling in every subject or that they are happy, helpful and work hard? Definitely the latter!

K's current choice of job when she leaves school is to be a personal shopper, although I am not entirely convinced she has grasped the concept wholly, and to marry someone rich...hang on to that thought honey they're are not many of them about, not ones you would like to marry anyway! So glad to see she has taken on board the values I have worked hard to instil in her!!!

H on the other hand harbours an ambition to be a paramedic, a job well suited to his non-stop personality!! (See 'Live life as a dog) A much more solid choice of profession and I think he would be brilliant at it!! Time to face the teachers...

L x


Wow!! H's teachers want a class full of hims!! I must admit I felt immense pride in my son tonight, hearing how he is helpful, attentive, tries hard, works steadily, how he has settled in beautifully at his new school and is the sort of boy you want your daughter to marry. Mr W and I must be doing something right then :D

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