Friday, 16 November 2012

Back on the Blog!!

A thousand apologies for my lack of blogging, it is nearly two months since the last one!! I think the move, interview and work finally caught up with me (I didn't get the job but am delighted for my two friends at work who did)

I was hoping to do this via the 'proper' Internet but as a certain telephone company let us down again on Tuesday I am still operating via the world of dongle!

We have, post move, experienced an awful lot of bad customer service, phone, gas, electric and TV to name the worst offenders,  and it makes it blatantly obvious, why this country is in such a mess!! Lack of communication, with us, previous service providers, inter-company has left us increasingly frustrated!! If I did my job how some of these people do theirs I would have serious complaints, disciplinary procedures taking place and quite possibly an even sicker child on my hands.

To sum up the worst of it to communicate our phone number, to the phone company, Mr W had to say to the operator  "You count to ten and I'll tell you when to stop" amusing to K, increasing blood pressure for Mr W, unbelievable!

Anyway, we have all settled beautifully, not quite sure how we ever managed in a smaller house! H is doing amazingly at his new school, K continues to blossom into a lovely young woman (when the attitude is shelved), Mr W loves the fact he can get on the PS3 and we can all go in the other room to watch TV and the dogs have developed a fascination with the stones around the edge of the house which hovers somewhere between amusing and annoying!!!

I am aiming to be back blogging updates of life as it falls frantically towards Christmas and the New Year and I hope you will join me

L x

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