Monday, 1 July 2013

Mid-life Crisis ahead....

I bet you all thought I'd disappeared off the face of the planet? Not entirely sure where I've been but I am going to try and make a more consistent approach to my blog from now on!!

I have been considering a rebranding due to the changes that have gone on since my last post but first let me explain where I'm coming from.

Last year, probably about October time, I developed a tremor, it wasn't particularly noticeable but at times I felt like my arms and legs were out of control. This, understandably, was quite worrying for me and my family. Thankfully I kept it hidden from K and H and only a few, very discreet colleagues (thank you KH in particular) knew what was happening. I ended up seeing a Neurologist who identified my symptoms as stress related, he suggested I went away, figured out what was causing the stress and remove it or learn to deal with it more effectively!! A huge relief I can tell you.

The problem was that I couldn't I identify anything in particular, we had moved house a month or so before, I had been unsuccessful at interview and the normal everyday rubbish that comes with me and Mr W both having Exes, but nothing overly remarkable or that I felt like I was particularly stressed out about.

Anyway then it was Christmas, New Year, busy times, my birthday (March) and hurtling towards Easter. By this point I was still having frequent tremor episodes and still hadn't really changed my lifestyle. Why? Who knows!!

Change of focus. Over the Easter break Mr W and I decided that we needed to lose some weight. We both, independently of each other, discovered the MyFitnessPal app..what a fabulous find this was!!! And it's FREE!! The app is basically a calorie counter, it has pretty much every food, ever, in it's memory and a facility to add should you find somthing it doesn't recognise, it also allows you to earn more calories through exercise. In two and a half months Mr W has lost over two stone and I have lost 20lbs, and both feeling pretty good about it!!

Now, I know that you know (BLOG POST) that I've lost weight before with a well known diet company so what's different this time? I think the fact that I am rapidly approaching 40 has unleashed something in me!! I am determined to lose the weight and get fit this time, not just slim down!! It started with K asking to join me in this years Race for Life on the condition that I ran it all and has snowballed from there, raising concern for whether I'm having a Mid-Life Crisis...I think not!!

I am now lighter and feel fitter and healthier than I have done in a long time. I have become a little obsessed but devloping good habits and healthy eating can't hurt if you do it properly. I have rediscovered an old friendship (SMS - that's you), I have many plans reaching upto 2015 which I shall fill you in on next time and most importantly in the last two weeks I have not noticed any Tremor!!

Look out for the new blog name (if I figure out how to do it) and I'll reveal what lies ahead

Be Happy and Healthy

L x

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