Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Avoidance Tactics

I have long been a master in the art of avoidance, usually to my own detriment! It started at High school, the odd dodge of homework (until busted at a Parents Evening, that was a messy one, a 'discussion' with my Mum and Dad, mostly punctuated by raised voices, sobs and door slamming! Beginning to see where my daughter gets it from... Continued through university, I don't think that ink was still dry on 99% of my assignments. It remains one of my numerous flaws.
Things I am currently avoiding a) packing, not just for a holiday,(although I hate that with a passion too) no this is house packing, we are due to move next week and I just can't bring myself to do it. The biggest problem is I know what this will lead to, a frenetic episode of all aspects of our lives being shoved dramatically into boxes, raised voices, sobs and more door slamming, sounding familiar? b) a 10 minute presentation I need to do for a interview in just over 3 weeks and I really want the job! and c) labelling uniform in anticipation of the new school year (not necessary for my angst ridden 12 year old...not cool apparently).
My avoidance tactics have so far involved having my friends children over for the day yesterday, how much noise can five children make? (Plenty, just ask my neighbours!) how much water can come inside as the result of a water fight? (do the words reservoir and deluge conjure up an image?) Creating a blog, although I am hoping this venture will prove worth while and continue long after my interview and house move, and catching up on a lot of reading. All incredibly worthwhile uses of my time I think.
Plus I still have baking a cake for a friends birthday, shopping, long dog walks and catching up with friends, mine and the children's to distract me although I do think Mr W may have something to say about all this over the weekend....

Wish me luck ;)))

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