Friday, 31 August 2012

Live life as a dog!!!

I read somewhere recently that we all have a lot to learn from a dogs approach to life, they greet every day as if it it were  'the best day ever'! Being the owner of 2 of the species, (one springer, one cocker)I can totally agree, and it also leads me to believe that my 10 year old son is, in fact, a dog!!!

What leads me to this conclusion? Well, where do I start? H is an early bird, we have him well trained now and he gets up, goes downstairs, let's the dogs out and, the majority of the time, leaves us be until we arise. This, I hear you say, does not make him a dog, and I agree! The fact that when we do drag ourselves out of our pit we are greeted by a torrent of questions ranging from 'What are we doing today? After breakfast? After dinner? After tea? Are we doing anything after tea? Can I go out on my bike? (not a 7o'clock in the morning, H, no), I found this on the Internet, can I get one? I've decided I'd like to play the drums/guitar/trombone can I have lessons? How do you become a professional rugby player? If I am a paramedic when I'm older can I be a motorbike one?

Can I just get a cup of tea first? Please?

What I have failed to mention is that H has a history of hearing problems, this means that all of the above questions are usually said, sorry shouted, loud enough to compete with the fact that we live on a flight path to Manchester airport!

The 'dog' element to H's personality is a) the velocity at which he meets each day, so much to do, so little time b) the fact that not only does he run, everywhere, he cannot sit still either and c) the fact that his questions, that constantly pepper our day, come at you like dogs of a lead, full throttle and moving swiftly from one to the next, at least he refrains from peeing everywhere!!

Having said all this I obviously love the bones of this child and would not have him any other way (well maybe slightly quieter) and think I should probably take a leaf out of his book and greet each day slightly more enthusiastically rather than focusing on the 'chores' ahead! He has his whole life in front of him and is just trying to make the most of it, and it's my job to cheer him on!!!

Love you son xxx

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