Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Disasterous Hair

I have had some hideous hairstyles in the past, some inflicted by my parents and some I have to take full responsibility for myself! Like the VERY curly perm with poker straight fringe (parents), the Princess Di look (only those of a certain generation will understand this - again parents)  or the Ready Brek orange glow look on my last year at high school photo (courtesy of Henna hair dye which both looked and smelt like a cowpat - unfortunately I did this too myself) and then there is today.

Today is a self inflicted day!!! I could cry, really I could, in fact I very nearly did, in front of my best friend, her three children and my two, after I'd looked in a mirror!

See, the advantage of being at a hairdressers, whether you like having to sit opposite yourself for an hour or so scrutinising all your flaws or not, is that you can observe what is happening to what, as a woman, is one of your defining features! I'm not sure if I would have liked to witness today's 'experiment'. Certainly not when my husband sees it and says "It's a bit short and you know what the eldest will say you look like" L, I know you will be reading and, though it pains me to say it, he is right!

My only comfort right now is a bottle of red, my favourite programme on TV tonight, it will take much less time to dry in the morning when I'm on a long day and the voice in my head that keeps reiterating "It will grow" Not quick enough for my liking :(((

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  1. Oh, nothing worse than disastrous hair! And even though you know it'll grow out, it doesn't seem to be enough of a consolation, does it? Hope you got to enjoy that bottle of red ;)