Friday, 31 August 2012

A Moving experience

When I was growing up I often wondered why we never moved house. My Mum and Dad had had their house built when they were married, extended as required and could afford to, so I put it down to sentimentality! What I should have realised was that they had their heads totally screwed on and the foresight to realise what a hideous process moving house actually was!!

The last time I moved I was doing it on my own, in the throes of divorce and to be perfectly honest, on reflection, the whole thing was a bit of a blur. I do remember tearful phone calls with the estate agent and begging the solicitor to hurry up to get me out but apart from that just fuzz, possibly due to the fact that my staple diet was White Zinfandel!

So, imagine my surprise when this house sale/ purchase, done with the support of the wonderful Mr W, becomes more stressful than my previous experience! The level of incompetence, the amount of misleading information given out and the total lack of a thorough approach to their practice begs me to ask the question, "what the hell are we paying for?".

I am not going to point the finger, if this blog ever gets read by the people concerned I hope their cheeks are burning with shame! I know for a fact that if I practiced, in my position, in the same way they do I would be sacked.

Needless to say I am NEVER moving again, I shall leave my house, when I eventually get there, in a wooden box. Mum and Dad, I bow to your infinite wisdom.


  1. Never a truer word said. Holding our house sale together was a full time job - not moving unless there is a lottery win involved!

  2. Haha, love it! We moved 5 months ago and bowed to (hopefully) stay here for a good few years if not forever. The solicitors, the sellers, the estate agents, why are they all so unprofessional and why does it all drag for so long?? I found your blog through Mummy's Little Monkey's Blow your own blog horn :)