Monday, 24 September 2012

Not my strong point...

Patient is something I have never claimed to be! How can you be ok about waiting for something? I have never got my head round that one!

The last fortnight has been filled waiting, what with the house move and my interview but we have all survived...just!! Mr W has gone back to work, following 9 days of packing/unpacking, I think for a well earned rest and I am enjoying my first day in the house with no real work to do!!! I need distraction though, I have I mentioned I'm not very patient?

The weekend was a lovely distraction, lazy breakfast, shopping, new M&S, slightly disappointing as no lighting or technology, Costco, my virgin trip, some amazing bargains and some very tasty BBQ sauce!! The evening involved our celebratory meal of choice, Curry, sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream washed down with Mo√ęt (bucks fizz for the children) My weight watcher leader would have been so proud ;(((

Sunday brought rugby training, had forgotten how damp creeps up your legs (mental note to self to wear more suitable footwear). For lunch we were joined by L and E, proper family time, great meal, cooked by Mr W so tasted even better! Cheesecake for dessert promptly followed by a dog walk to create room for some real cheese, yummy selection courtesy of Costco again! The homework challenge had been overcome in the morning which meant that Sunday evening was battle free, yippee!

My brother popped in with his brood, they came in the new van, serious business now, if you ever need an appliance fixing he's your man, very well done for setting up and building a good business in less than a year, we are all very proud!!

After supper, bagels and hot chocolate with the works, we could just relax, something we have not done enough of in the last few weeks, and enjoy having the room to spread out, brilliant!!

So now it's back to waiting, waiting at the moment for a plumber as we have one heated floor tile but no working radiator in our bathroom (the floor tile is a byproduct we think), for the rain to ease off just a little so I can take the dogs out and for a phone call to say how my interview went, (not the best I think the more time goes on) which isn't going to come until later in the week!!

I do NOT like waiting!!

L x

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