Thursday, 6 September 2012

A piece of me!

To some of my readers you already know most (all) of this but for those of you who don't welcome to my life!

I am 38, the big 40 looming, but I'm quite looking forward to it, the real freedom that comes with age and not really caring what people think! I have spent a lot of my life trying to please others and now it's time to please myself.

I am married (2nd time...finally came to my senses) after a whirlwind romance, to the most lovely man, my true soul mate and he is a Fireman to boot (we are living the Ann Summers dream, what with me being a nurse!!) I don't think a day has gone by since we met that I haven't laughed and the support he has shown me is amazing. I thank my lucky stars I agreed to go on that Blind Date! I love Lattes with friends, or alone if no-one is available and chocolate, any kind, I really don't care and I work on a children's intensive care unit, apart from my family these are the most consistent aspects of my life, hence the blog title.

We have his and hers children but refer to them as ours. L is 22, she is so like her Dad it's frightening, she is a lovely young woman whom I pester on a regular basis to make me a Grandma. She is crafty, thoughtful and a pleasure to be around. E is 16, has just got her GCSE's, did really well and we are very proud of her. She is looking for a job which is tough in this current climate but she is trying her hardest and would be an asset to anyone who employs her. Her laugh measures somewhere, quite high up, on the Richter scale and her greatest love is Disney Movies, especially Toy Story. K is 12, second year at high and rapidly developing her own, quite loud personality according to her friends, no idea where she gets that from ;)) She is tall, very tall and is, thankfully, becoming the young woman I hoped she would, has a love of chocolate (guilty of that one too) and is obsessed with FRIENDS. H is 10, the baby, and the only boy (mothered by all except K) and you have heard all about him in a previous blog, Live life as a dog.

Speaking of which we also have N and J, our dogs! Complete mentalists, dirt magnets, partners in howling whenever we approach their favourite dog walk, how do they know?

Now you know a little more about me I hope that encourages you to continue reading



  1. Sounds like you have a very fulfilling life! Look forward to hearing more about your lovely family :)

  2. Nice to meet you! We are the same age, it sounds like you have reached a very happy stage of life. Look forward to your posts. Claire x