Sunday, 9 September 2012

Happiness is...wearing a bucket on your head!!

This could be me, many years ago I sat, with my oldest, and I'm glad to say, still one of my best friends (LLJ) and we had our photo taken, we could have been these two children!! I still have the proof too!!

This picture speaks volumes about the wonderful, simple, acceptance children have of each other!! True friendship can last a lifetime.

This is my happiness picture! I can recall it at any time and it will allow my shoulders drop, a deep sigh escape from within and a broad smile lightens my face!!

Happiness is what we all strive for, for ourselves, our families and friends, so when did it become more complicated than sitting in the buff, feet dangling in the water with a bucket on your head?

Do you have a 'Happiness' picture?

Please share them or feel free to borrow mine :D



  1. what a great photo!!! Definitely had a few buckets on my head when I was little.. what a great shot.

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello :)

  2. I don't have a happiness picture, but I like the idea of one.
    I think happiness can still be simple if we let it.

  3. That's so lovely! In my office, I'm surrounded my pictures of my family,friends, our house in Ireland - all things that make me happy. It's my 'me' place and gives me an instant lift, even when I've got work to do :)

  4. That's a great picture! I do love how friendship can be so simple and easy for kids and I do miss that. I have a couple of happiness pictures, in fact I just updated the header on my blog with a new one I took the other day, a picture of a dandelion from my backyard. It makes me feel happy and warm every time I look at it.

  5. Beautiful post honey. My kids love sticking stuff on their heads.. its very cute x

  6. Naw, so gorgeous! I have lots of happiness pictures around the house - of our wedding, of our children, of other people's children. It's nice to be surrounded by all the smiles and warmth of precious memories.

  7. Lovely sentiments. Any happiness picture of mine would involve nature of some kind. Animals, greenery, children with animals and greenery...
    I do have a child who's worn buckets on his head. I was watching the movie Parenthood once and thought- I'll have one of *those*. And I did.

  8. That is so cute! Nothing says 'happy' like sitting in the sun with your nuddie buddy (with a bucket on your head...) ;)