Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to work blues???

I love my job! I know not everyone can say that so I feel quite privileged to enjoy what I do! I am also in the very lucky position to have blagged a term-time(ish) contract at work, which basically means I get the whole summer holidays off, bliss!! (Not Christmas though hence the 'ish') The downside is, of course, that is an absolute killer getting up for that first shift, at 5:50 and knowing you won't be home until 9pm.

I have to say that, sadly, I was looking forward to going back! I can feel the wave of shock from my friends on PICU, but I do genuinely love what I do. I like my colleagues, I like the nature of the work, I like the fact that I work nearly full time (34.5 hours) but only have to go in 3 times a week, despite all the bad press I earn a reasonable sum of money (never enough though, wouldn't object to a pay rise) and my job presents me with, on the whole, a different day, every day.

I never thought I would get the opportunity to go back to my chosen profession and I count my blessings that Mr W was incredibly supportive when I said I wanted to return to nursing following a 5 year break, although I do think the idea of a uniform in the house played a factor in his excitement! It wasn't easy though, working full-time, clinical placement, 80 hours, and a 4500 word assignment that demonstrated my understanding of how nursing practice had altered in my absence!!

I have to say it was so worth it, despite the shouting, door-slamming and sobbing (pattern forming - see Avoidance Tactics Blog) mostly on my part, again! Since I have gone back I have had the odd wobble, working nights after doing an 830 - 330 job took a bit of getting used to but with the support of my family, friends and the new friends I have made at work, I am through it, out the other side and smiling! I had a lovely conversation with a younger friend at work yesterday and I found her attitude totally refreshing, and I know you will read this R!! She too, loves her job and I admire her for saying it in the current climate!!

So, was it a case of back to work blues? Not at all, I had a great shift with some of the loveliest people and am looking forward to going back in on friday night!! We spend too much of our time in work to not enjoy it!! Love what you do or do something else


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  1. I think that it is great that you have a job that you love and that fits in with family life, how wonderful